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Birthstone of the Month

March's Two Birthstone

May 11, 2017

March's Birthstones: Aquamarine & Bloodstone Aquamarine is most often light in tone and ranges from greenish blue to blue-green; the color usually is more intense in larger stones, and darker blue stones are very valuable. Like emeralds, this gemstone is actually a variety of a mineral called beryl. It is mined mainly in Brazil, but also is found in Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Pakistan, and Mozambique.In the Middle Ages, many believed that the simple act of wearing aquamarine was a literal antidote to poisoning. The Romans believed that if you carved a frog into a piece of aquamarine jewelry, it would help to reconcile differences between enemies and make new friends. Still, other historical groups took this lore even further, using aquamarine as...

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