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At UniQ Jewelry Gallery, we provide you with the peace of mind to enjoy wearing your jewelry as often as you'd like!

Why do I need a  jewelry appraisal?

A jewelry appraisal is a process in which a professional examines and states a dollar-value for a piece of jewelry, taking into consideration both the metal and gemstones. There are 27 types of appraisals that suit different purposes, such as for tax purposes, resale purposes, estate purposes, and insurance purposes. 

Common Appraisal Misconceptions

I don’t need an appraisal if I have a credit card receipt that shows how much I paid for the jewelry item.

A credit card receipt likely won’t provide enough information. Insurance usually requires a detailed description of your jewelry. Also, depending on how old your jewelry is, the price you paid is likely not the price it’s currently worth.

I can use an appraisal that was done when the jewelry was purchased.

Jewelry values fluctuate. To ensure you're covered for the right amount, use an appraisal that was done within the past 18 months.

I have homeowner's insurance. If I lose my jewelry, I am automatically covered.

ALWAYS clarify with your Insurance Agent what is covered on your individual policy. It is recommended to have your jewelry appraised and scheduled separately.

A jewelry appraisal by UniQ Jewelry Gallery provides an in-depth examination of your jewelry resulting in detailed pictures, word descriptions, and - most importantly - the values of gemstones and metal.
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